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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the Town Hall site becoming a school building?

Slough Council has been aware for some time that there was going to be a need for extra school places in the future. They were also conscious that there is currently no primary school provision within the Chalvey ward itself. After research and consideration, the Town Hall became a viable solution for generating some extra school places.


So why is it that Claycots is the school that is expanding into the Town Hall?

All schools in Slough, including both primary and secondary schools, were invited to express an interest in the project. Those schools that did this were then asked to submit a written bid. Selected schools were  asked to make a presentation to members of the council and the local authority and  Claycots was ultimately chosen.


Is the Town Hall site going to be a new school?

No, it is a wing of Claycots and is part of us. All of our values and philosophies will be the same on both sites.  The Town Hall site will follow all of the same policies, the same timetables and planning. Any services that are offered on the current Britwell site will also be offered at the Town Hall site.


How many classes are there going to be?

The Town Hall site will be a two form entry annex of Claycots Primary School, starting with just Reception classes in September 2012.  There will be two classes of 30, so 60 children in total. The current plan is that the following year (September 2013), we will then have Reception and Year 1, and gradually build up year after year until the first wave of Reception children have reached Year 6.


Will the Town Hall site have a Nursery?

There is no Nursery provision and will not be for the foreseeable future. However, being in central Slough, there are local alternative Nursery providers available.


How will the opening of the Town Hall site affect the current Britwell site?

The leadership and governors of the school would not have entered into this project if it was felt that opening a new wing of the school would negatively affect the pupils’ learning at the existing site. The current Britwell site will continue to operate as usual and will be our inspiration for how we want the Town Hall site to be.


My child currently attends the Britwell site. Will they be moved to the Town Hall site?

No, this will not happen. The Town Hall site is providing extra places on top of the ones currently available on the Britwell site. It is giving the children of residents within central Slough the opportunity of receiving a ‘Claycots education’.


Will any classes be moved from the Britwell to the Town Hall site?

No! The Town Hall project is going to create extra classes. Eventually, Claycots will have six classes in each year group.  There will be four classes in each year group on the Britwell site and two in each year group at the Town Hall site.


Will any of the current school staff have to move to the Town Hall?

Some staff may choose to work at the Town Hall site and some staff, including the headteacher, may  split their time between both.


Will the curriculum taught at the Town Hall site be the same as at the Britwell site?

Yes. It is important to remember that the Town Hall is part of Claycots. All curriculum planning and timetables will be the same on both sites. Whatever the pupils are learning during a certain week on one site will be the same on the other. We will have the same very high expectations and standards on both sites.


I would like my child to attend the Town Hall site. What should I do?

The process is the same for admissions to any Slough  school. You would need to call the admissions department at Slough Council. They will send you an application form and let you know  whether or not any places are currently available. The number to phone is: 01753 875 728.

You can also seek advice by calling the Claycots office and asking to speak with the admissions officer on 01753 521215.

Please remember, for the academic Year 2012-13 we will only have Reception classes and for the following year it will only be Reception and Year 1.


Are the admissions criteria to the Town hall site and Britwell site different?

Yes. With the Town Hall site and surrounding schools, Montem, James Elliman and St Mary’s, children with brothers and sisters already at one of these schools are given priority. For September 2012 there are no older siblings attending the Town Hall site so places have been offered to those in the catchment area and living nearest to the site.  For the Britwell site, there are no changes  to the admission arrangements. Children living in the catchment area have priority.


On what date will the Town Hall open?

No specific start date for pupils has been confirmed. We intend to stagger the opening of the Town hall site with the beginning of term on the Britwell site. The Britwell site will open for the Autumn Term on Wednesday 5th September. It is therefore likely that the Town Hall site will open very shortly after this date.


What if the Town Hall site is not ready to open in time?

Everyone involved in this project is fully committed to ensuring that the Town Hall opens on time. However, alternative options have been drafted in the unlikely event of there being a delay. The project currently appears to be on schedule. If this changes, we will inform those affected immediately. Our families on the Britwell site have been incredibly understanding of the need for building work and have supported us when there have been slight delays in the completion of the building programme. We have every expectation that our new families for the Town Hall site would be as equally supportive in the unlikely event of this happening.


What building work needs to be done?

The aim is to have all 14 classrooms completed so we can increase our numbers each year until we have places for Reception to Year 6 pupils (two classes in each year group). The heating and electrical systems need updating. Some internal walls also need reconfiguring. Extra flights of stairs are needed and more toilet facilities. One of the early stages of this project was to remove as much of the remaining asbestos as is safe to do so. This was done in accordance with DfE guidelines and will be fully certificated. We will have an asbestos management plan in place which will include detailed plans of where any asbestos remains, along with assurances of how it is being kept safe.  Altogether £3 million will be spent to modernise the building ready for our pupils.


Where will parents be able to park when dropping off children?

A special drop off for Claycots parents will be created next to the car park for Montem Leisure Centre. There will be allocated parking spaces and a specially created path leading to Montem Lane where a School Crossing Patroller will help families cross the road to get to the school. There will be no drop-off from the A4 Bath Road.

Opening September 2012