Claycots from a Staff perspective


I have been a teaching for 3 years although teaching has always been my lifelong dream and passion. Last year I was looking for a new challenge in my career and Claycots was a school which stood out for me as the perfect place to begin this new challenge. Initially I applied for a teaching position in the school but through the recruitment process, the school offered me a role as a Year Leader. Before I even joined the school, I wasgiven the opportunity for a weekend course to meet staff members and learn more about my new job role. The weekend taught me lots about leadership styles, the people I would be working with and the school long term goals which I have a clear understanding of the school’s future.  As a teacher new to leadership, the school has provided me with lots of opportunities to develop and enhance my leadership skills through tailored external and internal CPD courses. I am in the early stages of my career and I hope over the next few years to continue to develop my leadership skills in my role and take on other responsibilities within the maths team as well. In the next 5 years, I look to build on my leadership experience and aim for achieving a phase leader role. Additionally, I hope to champion areas of teaching in which I can go into classrooms and model good practice to other teachers learning from others about outstanding practice. Through training and experience, I feel the school will support me with my growth as a leader and teacher.



I started at Claycots School two and half years ago as a newly qualified teacher. With the support of my mentor and others around me, I was able to pass my first year of teaching. I had a great mentor who was also my year leader who guided me, mentored me through our fortnightly meetings, discussed my personal targets and supported me through the planning and preparation of lessons. Throughout the past two years, I have had the support from others who have challenged me to develop my own style of teaching, encourage me to do things that were out of my comfort zone and all of this was a huge learning curve for me. It really developed me as a teacher to succeed. The subject leadership role I had last year, prepared me to become a year leader to take on additional responsibility, manage my time effectively, monitor the subject, manage a budget and maximise the learning opportunities throughout the school. This has given me the confidence to develop into a year leader role and take on the responsibility of the progress and achievement of year 2 pupils.



I have been teaching for two and a half years now. Two as a supply in Ontario and now as a full time teacher at Claycots. I chose to come to Claycots because I enjoy the Environment and could instantly see the love of learning that is deeply rooted within this school culture. That love of learning has been evident since I arrived as a year 3 teacher, with continuous CPD and support from the year 3 teaching team in understanding the ins and outs of the curriculum, as well as becoming a better maths practitioner. I have had an overwhelmingly successful first year teaching and, through persistent professional development and teamwork, will continue to grow in education and opportunity as the school does.



I have been working at Claycots Primary school for two and a half years. I moved over to England and began working at this school, and since then have been through the process of obtaining a second sponsorship visa to extend my stay for five years.

I came to England with a recruiting agency who did a massive interview day called iDay. My final interview of the day was Claycots Primary school, and it stood out as a school that supported its staff in the development of planning in a team-based system as well, showed a strong value in the children and their ethos.

Having completed my teaching program in Canada I was a fully qualified teacher in England, but I chose to complete an NQT program for the benefit of learning a new curriculum. This program supported my transition into the National Curriculum as well as Development Matters curriculum in the Early Years. Additionally I have been supported by detailed CPD sessions as well as INSET sessions to develop my teaching throughout my time at Claycots.

I started at Claycots as a classroom teacher, and due to the support I quickly was able to develop all aspects of my teaching practice. I have now progressed to ICT leader for the Town Hall campus and have been involved in writing policies and developing the computing curriculum across year groups.

As my confidence increased within my own classroom I have also been able to support newly qualified teachers as their school mentor for their induction year. Not only has this progressed my colleagues teaching but also my own professional standards and expectations.

I love teaching. I am passionate about the Early Years and in the future I see myself continuing to teach this age range. Claycots has helped me to develop my practice and allowed me to identify my strengths. I have learnt the importance of creativity in planning and setting up a quality provision in order to facilitate children’s learning and I aim to be able to support other professionals in these areas. I am also interested in research based practice. Claycots has allowed me to develop my own Early Years pedagogy and values by identifying links between theory and practice. I been able to see the impact that research has had on my teaching though the use of reflection and key questioning in order to support an improvement cycle. This is something I hope to continue as my career progresses.