Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant at Claycots School Partnership


The Pupil Premium Grant is funding given to our school by the Government to help support children.  To qualify for this grant, children must be eligible for Free School Meals, or have ever been eligible in the last 6 years, in Local Authority Care or have a parent who is a serving member of the armed forces.  If you think your child may be eligible please contact the school office.


Funding 2015/6 and 2016/17

Number of children 2016/17

Children eligible for free school meals now or ever in the past 6 years

£1,320 per pupil


Children who have a parent serving in the armed forces

£1,320 per pupil


Children looked after by the local authority

£1,900 per pupil



Please see below for a detailed breakdown of the PPG for the current financial year.

We recognise that not all pupils who are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant will be underachieving, whilst some pupils who are not eligible may be.  It is school policy to assess, plan and provide support and interventions for any individual or groups of pupils where underachievement may be found.  Some pupils who are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant who are not underachieving academically may well be targeted for support to enhance their future aspirations, leadership skills and non-academic life experiences.

Although each child is an individual, and is treated as such, the main barriers to achievement faced by pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant at Claycots Primary School are as follows:

·         Academic achievement.  Children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant are more likely to achieve less well than their peers, therefore the main spend is towards targeted academic intervention.

·         Special Educational Needs.  Up to 30% of children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant also have Special Educational Needs, therefore a proportion of funds are used for specialist intervention, equipment or assessment.

·         Social and Emotional Difficulties.  Most of the caseload for the Behaviour & Pastoral Care and Family Support teams are children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant.

·         Life experiences, leadership skills and aspiration.  Children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant may be targeted for intervention to enhance their engagement and participation.


The Pupil Premium Strategy will be reviewed regularly throughout the year and adjusted to ensure the maximum benefit in children’s outcomes.    Please see below for how the impact is measured and an analysis of the previous year’s spend.  The next full review is due in July 2018.

Principles for PPG spending:

Please click on the link below for our detailed Pupil Premium Policy.

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Support provided for children eligible for the PPG:

We recognise that each child is a unique individual and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our Pupil Premium spending.  Pupils should receive the most appropriate support at the most appropriate time.

Please click on the link below for our detailed Pupil Premium Policy.

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Financial Hardship and Trips/Workshops/Residentials


We are proud to offer an amazing range of fantastic learning experiences for our children with the trips, residential visits and workshops our children take part in.

We have found that going on a trip or residential visit or having special visitors to school can bring  learning to life for the children and improve their vocabulary, writing, social skills or leadership skills.

Unfortunately there is often a large cost to school of running a trip or a workshop, which is why we have to ask parents for contributions when these happen.  Recently we have found that some of our school trips and visits have cost the school hundreds of pounds as some parents have not paid any contributions.  The school cannot keep funding trips without it affecting other areas of learning.

If you are having difficulty with paying for a trip, then please contact the school office confidentially.  We can set up small payments on Parent Pay – sometimes even £2 per week can make a huge difference to spreading out the cost.  We can continue to take payments even after a trip has finished so the weekly cost can come down.

We will not be able to provide trips for free to anyone – but if you are having genuine hardship then we can work with you to help with the cost of trips and visits.  If this is the case then please contact the Headteacher or the Family Support team in school.

We appreciate that it is difficult when schools ask for money, but hope that we can work together on a solution to make sure that the children get the best experiences possible.

Please see below for a detailed breakdown of the way that Claycots School Partnership has spent the Pupil Premium Grant.


Assessing the Impact of the PPG:

The impact of the PPG spend is assessed in multiple ways:

·         The Inclusion team keep and update a provision map to track academic interventions against progress over time

·         The school keeps detailed records on children’s behaviour

·         The family support team keeps detailed records

·         The school are currently trialling the use of the Leuven Scale to assess the impact of interventions (see report below).