At Claycots School we believe that all children have the potential to flourish and be successful at whatever they choose, we do not encourage them to try and be somebody else...we expect them to be the best version of themselves.


However to truly be successful it will not come without commitment and determination and a strong sense of self-will and direction. Success does not come through desire alone and it is the ethos of hard work, resilience, loyalty and integrity which makes a Claycots pupil stand apart from their peers in the wider community. The adherence to the Enigma Values provide the recipe for success not just in school but as a framework for life.


We all have a part to play for this exciting and unpredictable journey, pupils, parents, wider families and all staff within the school as we prepare them to take on the world and win!


But one thing is guaranteed they will be immersed in a culture of ambition that will prepare them well for life and to always be striving to make the steps required that will help them achieve their unique and special potential!