Our Philosophy for Learning

Below are the key notions behind our Early Years values.


Strong Relationships

DSCN0896Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships. At Claycots we believe that warm and caring relationships foster a sense of belonging. Staff need to be sensitive and responsive to children’s needs, feelings and interests which will support them in their own efforts and independence. Good relationships need to be consistent in setting clear boundaries so children are aware of the expectations and can therefore develop their character dispositions and lead their own learning through play. We also believe that opportunity needs to be given for children to develop relationships with their peers so they can learn to listen, interact and develop communication and language skills that will support them in lifelong learning.  Through active play opportunities children will become emotionally literate and holistic wellbeing will progress.



Reception 3We need to teach our children to think for themselves in a world where we can’t even imagine what kind of jobs there will be 10 years from now.  In a world where almost all information is at our fingertips, it is about knowing how to find it when you need it. The kinds of skills that will get our children through in this “brave new world” are more creativity, self-confidence, flexibility and a love of learning. Through creative thinking children take risks, ask questions, solve problems and most importantly, have a go. At Claycots we strive to provide an environment that fosters creativity through the arts, interactions and a ‘what if’ approach.



Children learn best when they are happy , relaxed and engaged. We believe strongly that children should be allowed to “have a childhood” – providing lots of time for play and allowing them to have fun and enjoy their time at Nursery.  Happiness has a direct link to wellbeing and spirited children is the key in supporting them to reach their full potential in Nursery and throughout their school career.



Reception 2

When starting at Claycots we want children to come to develop confidence in who they are and what they can do, along with expressing their own ideas. By developing effective relationships we can help children feel valued and special and give them a sense of self-worth. This in turn leads to them being confident with others and knowing when they need support, along with having confidence to try new things and challenge themselves within their own initiated learning. If self belief and self confidence are developed , children will have the robustness to succeed.


Feeling safe and secure

Ensuring that children feel safe and secure within our Nursery provision is a key priority. When children feel emotionally safe and secure they are able to explore and find out about the place they are in. Environments are not just physical spaces; they are the atmosphere created through warm and caring relationships, where children are respected and valued and their well-being comes before anything else. In these environments children’s voices are listened to and they thrive socially and emotionally.



Reception 3We strive for our learning environment to promote investigation and enquiry based learning through open ended resources and enhancements to the continuous provision. We believe that if children can ask questions and investigate how things work, they will develop a deep understanding about concepts that will support their learning throughout their school journey. Children can therefore build upon their skills and knowledge and challenge their own thinking further.