Competitions and Events

Intra and inter school sports competitions are vital in providing pupils with the opportunities to experience and develop their confidence, discipline, and determination.  Valuable characteristics which will support out pupils with the challenges they will face during their journey at Claycots but also in their adult life. 

We successfully run house sports competitions at the end of each half term where we look to include all pupils, providing them with the opportunity to experience healthy competition and consolidate skills learnt within PE lessons.  Further to this we hold cross campus competitions between our Town Hall Campus and Britwell Campus where pupils experience the emotions involved in traveling to a different venue and psychologically preparing themselves for a competitive sports fixture.

Claycots is proudly affiliated with Slough School Sports Network where they enter a number of Level 2 sports competitions where our pupils compete against neighboring schools.  These sports competitions provide fantastic opportunities for our Gifted and Talented and Sports Teams to test themselves against the best pupils other schools have to offer.

Throughout all of these intra and inter school sports competitions, good sporting values are continuously promoted and endorsed by our pupils, who take great pride in representing their house and their school.