Extra-Curricular Development

Afterschool clubs are a fantastic way of offering additional opportunities for pupils to further develop their skills within a range of sports of their choice.  Clubs are an extension of the quality provision pupils experience in school, providing comfort in the knowledge and expectations expected from their coaches and session structure, enabling pupils to further excel in their sporting experiences and journey within Claycots School. 

Claycots also offers opportunities for those pupils who excel within sport the opportunity to further enhance their skills and sporting attributes through PE Gifted and Talented after school clubs and Boys & Girls sports teams.  Through talent identification pupils are invited to join the Gifted and Talented club where they competitively work with high performing peers in a range of sports, further developing their tactical knowledge, physiological attributes and skill acquisition.  Trials are held for those pupils wanting to represent Claycots in the sports teams and follow a high intensity training sessions where they work to enhance their sporting prowess.