Statutory Expectations

Statutory Duties

Children and families are at the heart of the inclusion team's work.  We make provision to the best of our ability to meet the needs of the children at Claycots and remove barriers to learning where possible.

To support our children and their families, Claycots works within the framework set out in the SEND Code of Practice  January 2015 (, the Equality  Act   2010 ( and the Children and Families Act 2014 (  We work with the Learning Difficulties and Disability department of our Local Education Authority (Slough) and we have contributed to the "Local Offer" on the Slough Services guide (

Claycots SEND policy, Local Offer and SEN report are available below and set out in detail our approach to and provision for children with SEND.


Statutory Assessment and Education, Health and Care Plans

If a child continues to struggle to make progress and has been supported through small group work and the school have sought advice from other professionals (such as an Educational Psychologist), the school may (with parental permission) apply to the Local Education Authority for a statutory assessment of the child's needs. Prior to applying for Statutory Assessment the school will need a period of time to gather evidence and reports from other professionals.   The Local Education Authority would view the evidence sent by the school and then decide whether to proceed with an assessment, with a view to issuing an "Education, Health and Care Plan" (formerly a "Statement of SEN").  This Education, Health and Care Plan would set out duties for the school and for other agencies and would specify what provision Claycots would need to make to support the child to progress in their learning.  The plan would then be reviewed annually.  If you would like to discuss this process, please contact the SENCO.

If a parent feels that their child has SEN or a disability that will require support over and above that which can be reasonably provided for by the school without additional funding, the parent also has a right to apply to the Local Education Authority for a statutory assessment of their child's special educational needs.  For advice and support on how to do this, please contact Parent Partnerships Slough

If the Local Education Authority decide not to proceed with a statutory assessment, parents have a right to appeal this decision.  For advice and support on this, please contact Parent Partnerships Slough

If you are worried that your child has SEND, please contact the SENCO via the main school telephone number.