Family Support

Support for children and their families is a vital aspect of the work the Inclusion team undertakes.  Whether parents are worried about their child having special needs or a disability, need support for managing behaviour at home or just need someone to talk to about their worries, the Inclusion team will make time for families. 


If a parent is worried about special educational needs or a disability, often talking things through with the SENCO is enough to put a parent's mind at rest.   The SENCO can observe a child in class and give feedback, signpost parents to other services in education or health, or make referrals to other agencies to support the family - for example referrals to the Educational Psychologist, Child Development Centre or Physiotherapist can be made by the SENCO. 


At other times, the other members of the Inclusion team can be there to help.  We run support courses for parents such as "Family Links" to help with some of the more tricky aspects of parenting, and work directly with some families to support them with their children. Coffee mornings are a chance to sit and have a chat over a cuppa and get to know the Inclusion team and the other parents,  these are usually well attended - keep an eye out for them in school newsletters.  If parents need support with English or helping with their child's homework, the Language and Communication team will do their best to help. 


If parents have any worries about their child, or need support, they can contact the SENCO or Child and Family Officer via the main School telephone number.