Curriculum Structure

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics and is designed to challenge each individual.

We teach PE and Spanish with specialist teachers and deliver the National Curriculum to all children in Years 1 to 6. 

A well-established and very wide-ranging programme of activities takes place after school, playing an important part in widening pupils’ experiences and developing new interests.

We have a highly ambitious sports department and we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to participate in physical activity, whether competitive or not.

Music and Drama are very strong and the pupils enjoy their involvement in many concerts, assemblies and productions.  Art is very much enjoyed and the children's work is displayed around the school.

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Wider ‘Bright Sparks’ Curriculum

The Executive Headteacher, Headteachers, staff and Governors of Claycots School are committed to ensuring that our pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging and challenging.

Our shared vision for our wider curriculum, known as ‘Bright Sparks’, one that is ‘a learning journey that promotes social mobility through an aspirational, creative and challenging curriculum which will equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to lead a successful life in multi-cultural Modern Britain.’ This is the intent of our wider curriculum offer.

All staff have high expectations for our pupils and we use our school’s LIVE Values and RESPECT Charter to promote high levels of engagement and positive attitudes to learning. The implementation of our wider curriculum is centred on ensuring that our pupils progress and demonstrate achievement as growing historians, geographers, artists, musicians, designers, thinkers, debaters and problem solvers, and is a balance of being knowledge rich whilst also promoting skills linked with individual disciplines as well as transferrable skills. Our curriculum design ensures that Claycots School’s pupils learn knowledge and develop key skills from the National Curriculum through a topic approach and, when appropriate, discretely. We have created progression documents for National Curriculum subjects to ensure that progress in these disciplines is developmental. The school has high expectations of its staff to ensure that quality first teaching and learning opportunities across the curriculum lead to our pupils acquiring a deep level of understanding.

In Religious Education, the school uses the resource Discovery RE, where pupils learn about the world’s major religions and in PSHE (Jigsaw), the school uses Go-Givers, which teaches pupils about relationships and health education. Through this, our pupils learn the importance of self-respect and showing respect to others, gaining a greater understanding of differences and the importance of tolerance. The embedding of fundamental British Values are not only promoted through RE and PSHE, but also through the topic approach taken to include history, geography, art and DT, and through our strategic assembly calendar, in turn ensuring that pupils know and understand the meaning and importance of these shared values.

We are exceptionally proud of our music provision. Music has a high profile at Claycots School and is led by a Specialist Leader in Education. Music is taught weekly in all year groups and our SLE supports lessons through team teach. Additionally, we offer a wide range of instrumental lessons taught by qualified musicians, as well as showcasing the our pupils’ learning and growing talents in ‘Rocksteady’ concerts. Music is also well embedded across the school and singing assemblies occur regularly, where pupils learn to sing a range of cultural songs as well as our school sing which they are exceptionally proud of! Our House System is also used to promote music and our pupils and staff look forward to our annual House Music Competition.

Our Physical Education provision is a strength of our school. PE lessons are taught by a team of sports coaches, each qualified in their respective disciplines, inclusive of dance, rugby and football. PE is not only used to promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, but coaches deliver sessions which focus on mindfulness and mental health, promoting the holistic well-being of our pupils. Active Movement is endorsed across the school and House Sports events are a regular feature to promote healthy competition. Our sports provision also includes our Outdoor Education Programme. This programme is targeted to Key Stage 2 pupils who have been targeted to develop their resilience and leadership skills, and is developmental over Year 4-6, with a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. The principals of the Outdoor Education Programme have been developed by the school, but are similar to those of the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award’ and the ‘Princes Trust’.

The management of the design and impact of the wider curriculum is the responsibility of the school’s leadership team. Nonetheless, Subject Leaders are integral in ensuring that our curriculum is cohesively planned and progressive to ensure that the needs of our pupils are met through monitoring, review and evaluation.

Our curriculum offer ensures that our pupils’ education is enriched and that they learn and acquire broad and balanced bank of knowledge and skills to equip them to lead a successful life in multi-cultural modern Britain and posses a love of learning.