Mrs Jumoke Akinlabi
Chair of GovernorsJ AKINLABI final

I am the Chair of Claycots School Board of Governors and also the sit on all the committees and panels, as required. 

My background is in Education and I have been in education environment for over two decades which shows my passion for children.

As a member of the governing body, I uphold the vision of the school in high esteem and value the "LIVE" vision in making sure that every child attains and demonstrates their full potential.


Mr Andrew Griffin
Executive HeadteacherAndrew

Over the past 28 years I have been extremely committed to providing children with high quality education, enjoyable experiences and memorable moments. I am an extremely passionate person who believes whole heartedly that education is centred on the child and all children have the right to high standards and quality educational provision. 

I have been a headteacher of three very different schools, a Maths Adviser in Slough, a School Improvement Partner and a Director of Outdoor Education. My breadth of knowledge and experience and commitment from an early age in my career demonstrate that I have the skills and the understanding to improve and where necessary transform schools.

From my experience, I have learnt that any change in a school must be done through a strategic collaborative approach looking at current best practice and sharing, communicating and delivering the clear vision for the school. My experiences and opportunities highlight that as a leader I am extremely strategic and forward thinking, looking for new opportunities to change for the better and, where required, ensure that policies and current provision are evaluated and scrutinised for their effectiveness and their outcomes for children.

As part of the Governing Body, I look forward to working in partnership with all stakeholders to deliver the highest standards for all children at Claycots.

Mrs Rebecca Reffell
Co-Opted GovernorKH 161015083738

Since joining Claycots initially as a Staff Governor (being co-opted into the governing body in 2019), I am proud to be a part of the transformational change process in supporting, developing and working with all stakeholders in order for our school to be a leading educational establishment. My Journey towards this role started as a class teacher in Key Stage 1. Having specialised in Early Years at university, my passion has always been child development and I was delighted to become EYFS phase leader during my time in Staffordshire for 4 years. I then moved to Claycots as Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the largest EYFS department in the country. The capacity and potential the school holds is incredible and working within the school on a strategic level, yet being fully involved with day to day operations allows me to have a well-informed voice in matters that involve, policy, place and personnel centred around the needs of children, staff and parents.


Mrs Rupinder Sondh 
Parent GovernorRsondh

A parent governor with the responsibility of sitting on the curriculum and standards committee and acting as the early years governor. My background is in IT, currently working as an IT service manager for a large Insurance company in London. As a mother of four young children (3 of them  at Claycots Town Hall Campus my primary focus is ensuring my children get the best start in their life, in a secure environment with high quality teaching and learning.Claycots has a dedicated leadership team who have the vision to deliver a rich and inspiring education, encouraging children to learn through experience and have enquiring minds.

20160203 144226 1Mrs Sadaf Waqas
Co-Opted Governor

My name is Sadaf Waqas, I live in Slough and two of my children are attending the Claycots School, Britwell campus. I already play an active role in the school’s newly formed PTA, involved in summer fair and Christmas fete. Previously I have been working as a software engineer; these days I am giving full attention to my house and family. Earlier I have been a parent governor in my son’s infant school. As a parent of four children, I understand the desire we all have for our children to have the best possible educational and learning experience. I believe I will be a good school parent governor for Claycots and together we will be in a stronger place.

Mohammad Ansar
Parent GovernorM ansar

I have been newly elected as aParent Governor at Claycots School and joined the existing Governing body in November 2018. As a parent of two children at Claycots School, I understand the desire we all have for our children to have the best possible educational and learning experience. I believe I will be a good school parent governor for Claycots and together we will be in a stronger place. 

I am driven by a desire to get the best for all the children of Claycots School, as well as for their families and the wider community.  To this end, I will always support the school leadership where I am confident that the best is being provided; however, if I have doubts, I will not hesitate to question and challenge.  

Claycots School has a dedicated leadership team who have the vision to deliver a rich and inspiring education, encouraging children to learn through experience and have enquiring minds. 

Andrew Chikwanha
Co-opted GovernorAndrew Chikwanha

I have lived in Slough for more than 20 years. I have worked for the NHS for a long time at Wexham Park Hospital, Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, Poole Hospital and I currently work at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust as a Senior Manager. I am also a Pastor for a local church in Slough. I have a passion to see all children succeed. I am so glad I am one of the Governors at Claycots School.  I am happy to be working with the Governing Body to provide strategic leadership and accountability to Claycots school. I bring with me corporate financial management experience which will be instrumental in making sure the school’s money is well spent. I am looking forward to working with the Governors Board and  the headteacher to improve the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

Mrs Shazia Khan
Co-opted Governor2S khan

I am honoured to be appointed as a Co-opted Governor on the Governing Board. With extensive global experience in the financial and technology sectors,   I have played a key role in the governance of diverse programmes and lead the ‘stand up’ of multiple business areas.


Having three children of my own and supporting my brother (who suffers from a severe disability) I have learned the importance of a well rounded and inclusive education experience. As a result, I support and volunteer at a range of initiatives to bridge the gap between education and industry to enable young people to make informed choices about their futures.


I will bring a great deal of drive and enthusiasm and will strive to help maintain the school’s high standards, whilst still always looking to move forwards