Welcome to Claycots School Partnership as we enter an exciting period for our school as a values driven and child centred place of learning. Our values are simple, we want the very best for our children and to ensure that they all have the right opportunities to flourish and grow into successful members of our society and beyond.

First and foremost the strength of our community is based around the foundation of having exceptional people involved with the school including staff, parents and most importantly our pupils who are fantastic learners, genuine stakeholders and an exciting prospect for the future of our community.

We are a successful large school based in Slough with an equally big heart and we pride ourselves on ensuring that the provision that we offer is diverse enough to meet the needs of our learners and ensure that they are safe, secure and aspirational about the future. Currently we have two Campuses (Britwell and Town Hall) each with four forms of entry which meets the needs of the areas of Britwell and Chalvey respectively making us the largest primary school in the United Kingdom giving us the additional huge potential in investing in the futures of our children and ensuring they get the very best deal in life.

The journey to excellence that we have undertaken focuses on going from being a “good school to a great one” and whilst we are not there yet we are excited about the successes that we have had, the journey we are taking and continue to aim higher for the good of our school community and create a lasting legacy for the future.

We welcome friends and visitors alike to come and capture the unique experience that is felt when entering through the gates of each campus and learn about our ‘Enigma principles’, which alongside our LIVE values are the guiding force in our development as a school community.


Executive Headteacher

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